Robyn Shields
Sengchou Vilay-Wong
Fiona Villamar
Additionally, we would like to thank the following students
at Ivy Tech Community College and Massasoit Community
College, who each completed a useful and informative survey:
Amanda Blevins, Jane Botelho, Paul Bowler, Erica Dupree, El-
via Garza-Sandoval, John Golbranson, Meagan Home, Joseph
Madden, George Mager, Joe McManus, Ann Pavia, and Wendy
Once again, Dr. Marieb’s husband, Harvey Howell, served
as a sounding board for some of her ideas, manned the copy
machine, and ran the manuscript to the FedEx box daily with
nary a complaint during the unbelievably busy days. ±anks
also to Katja’s husband, Dr. Lawrence W. Haynes, who as a
fellow physiologist has provided invaluable assistance to her
during the course of the revision. She also thanks her sons, Eric
and Stefan Haynes, who are an inspiration and a joy.
Well, our tenure on this edition is over, but there will be
another edition three years hence. We would really appreciate
hearing from you concerning your opinion—suggestions and
constructive criticisms—of this text. It is this type of feedback
that provides the basis of each revision, and underwrites its
Elaine N. Marieb
Katja Hoehn
Elaine N. Marieb and Katja Hoehn
Anatomy and Physiology
Benjamin Cummings
1301 Sansome Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
Sarah Pugh,
Shelton State
Wanda Ragland,
Macomb Community College
Terry Ravine,
University of South Alabama
Jean Revie,
South Mountain Community College
Mattie Roig-Watnik,
Palm Beach State College
Sharon Schapel,
Mott Community College
Steve Schenk,
Truckee Meadows Community College
Michelle Stettner,
Meridian Community College
Richard Symmons,
Cal State University–East Bay
Bonnie Tarricone,
Ivy Tech Community College
Carol Veil,
Anne Arundel Community College
Delon Washo-Krupps,
Arizona State University
Janice Webster,
Ivy Tech Community College
Ruby White,
Eastern Michigan University
Ruth Williams,
Oakton University
Janice Yoder-Smith,
Tarrant County Community College
We also want to acknowledge Katja’s colleagues at Mount
Royal University (Trevor Day, Janice Meeking, Izak Paul, Mi-
chael Pollock, Ruth Pickett-Seltner, Sarah Hewitt, and Kartika
Tjandra) for stimulating discussions of the text; Associate Dean
Tom MacAlister and Chair Tracy O’Connor for supporting
Katja’s involvement in this project; and Mount Royal Uni-
versity for providing an Internal Research Grant. We are also
grateful to Katja’s focus group students at Mount Royal Uni-
versity for their valuable and detailed feedback on the Eighth
Edition’s art program:
Rebecca Aje
Sarah Ankerman
Nikolina Arbutina
Sara Bird
Krizia Carlos
Darrah Crocker
Justine Hamill
Donalea Muir
Jessica Mulli
Sandra Okilj
Melissa Rowson
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