Chapter 19
The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels
Internal carotid artery
Common carotid arteries
Subclavian artery
Subclavian artery
Aortic arch
Ascending aorta
Coronary artery
Renal artery
Superficial palmar arch
Radial artery
Ulnar artery
Internal iliac artery
Deep palmar arch
Vertebral artery
Brachiocephalic trunk
Axillary artery
Brachial artery
Abdominal aorta
Superior mesenteric artery
Gonadal artery
Common iliac artery
External iliac artery
Digital arteries
Femoral artery
Popliteal artery
Anterior tibial artery
Posterior tibial artery
Arcuate artery
(b) Illustration, anterior view
Inferior mesenteric artery
Celiac trunk
External carotid artery
Arteries of the head and trunk
Arteries that supply the upper limb
Arteries that supply the lower limb
Table 19.4
Figure 19.21
Major arteries
of the systemic circulation.
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