Maintenance of the Body
Right pulmonary veins
Fossa ovalis
Right pulmonary artery
Superior vena cava
Auricle of right atrium
(c) Right anterior view of the internal aspect of the right atrium
(d) Posterior surface view
Inferior vena cava
Pectinate muscles
Crista terminalis
Opening of coronary sinus
Right ventricle
Left pulmonary artery
Left pulmonary veins
Auricle of left atrium
Left atrium
Great cardiac vein
Posterior vein of left ventricle
Left ventricle
Superior vena cava
Right pulmonary artery
Right pulmonary veins
Right atrium
Inferior vena cava
Right coronary artery
(in coronary sulcus)
Coronary sinus
Posterior interventricular
artery (in posterior
interventricular sulcus)
Middle cardiac vein
Right ventricle
Figure 18.5
Gross anatomy of the heart.
In (c), the anterior wall of the atrium
has been opened and folded inferiorly.
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