Chapter 18
The Cardiovascular System: The Heart
(b) Anterior view
Brachiocephalic trunk
Superior vena cava
Right pulmonary artery
Ascending aorta
Pulmonary trunk
Right pulmonary veins
Right atrium
Right coronary artery
(in coronary sulcus)
Anterior cardiac vein
Right ventricle
Right marginal artery
Small cardiac vein
Inferior vena cava
Left common carotid
Left subclavian artery
Aortic arch
Ligamentum arteriosum
Left pulmonary artery
Left pulmonary veins
Auricle of
left atrium
Circumflex artery
Left coronary artery
(in coronary sulcus)
Left ventricle
Great cardiac vein
Anterior interventricular
artery (in anterior
interventricular sulcus)
(a) Anterior aspect (pericardium removed)
Auricle of
right atrium
Right ventricle
Aortic arch
(fat covered)
Auricle of
left atrium
Apex of heart
(left ventricle)
Pulmonary trunk
Figure 18.5
Gross anatomy of the heart.
In diagrammatic views, vessels transporting
oxygen-rich blood are red; those transporting oxygen-poor blood are blue.
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