About the Authors
Katja Hoehn
Dr. Katja Hoehn is an associate professor in the Department
of Chemical and Biological Sciences at Mount Royal Univer-
sity in Calgary, Canada. Dr. Hoehn’s first love is teaching. Her
teaching excellence has been recognized by several awards dur-
ing her 17 years at Mount Royal University. Tese include a
PanCanadian Educational ±echnology Faculty Award (1999),
a ±eaching Excellence Award from the Students’ Association
of Mount Royal (2001), and the Mount Royal Distinguished
Faculty ±eaching Award (2004).
Dr. Hoehn received her M.D. (with Distinction) from
the University of Saskatchewan, and her Ph.D. in Pharma-
cology from Dalhousie University. In 1991, the Dalhousie
Medical Research Foundation presented her with the Max
Forman (Jr.) Prize for excellence in medical research. Dur-
ing her Ph.D. and postdoctoral studies, she also pursued her
passion for teaching by presenting guest lectures to first- and
second-year medical students at Dalhousie University and at
the University of Calgary.
Dr. Hoehn has been a contributor to several books and has
written numerous research papers in Neuroscience and Phar-
macology. She oversaw a recent revision of the Benjamin Cum-
Interactive Physiology
CD-ROM series modules, and
coauthored the newest module,
Te Immune System
Following Dr. Marieb’s example, Dr. Hoehn provides fi-
nancial support for students in the form of a scholarship that
she established in 2006 for nursing students at Mount Royal
Dr. Hoehn is also actively involved in the Human Anat-
omy and Physiology Society (HAPS) and is a member of the
American Association of Anatomists. When not teaching, she
likes to spend time outdoors with her husband and two sons,
compete in triathlons, and play Irish flute.
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