Chapter 7
The Skeleton
Pelvic brim
Pubic arch
Table 7.4
Comparison of the Male and Female Pelves
General structure and functional
Tilted forward; adapted for childbearing; true
pelvis defines the birth canal; cavity of the true
pelvis is broad, shallow, and has a greater capacity
Tilted less far forward; adapted for support of a
male’s heavier build and stronger muscles; cavity
of the true pelvis is narrow and deep
Bone thickness
Less; bones lighter, thinner, and smoother
Greater; bones heavier and thicker, and markings
are more prominent
Smaller; farther apart
Larger; closer
Pubic angle/arch
Broader (80° to 90°); more rounded
Angle is more acute (50° to 60°)
Anterior view
Wider; shorter; sacral curvature is accentuated
Narrow; longer; sacral promontory more ventral
More movable; projects inferiorly
Less movable; projects anteriorly
Greater sciatic notch
Wide and shallow
Narrow and deep
Left lateral view
Pelvic inlet (brim)
Wider; oval from side to side
Narrow; basically heart shaped
Pelvic outlet
Wider; ischial tuberosities shorter, farther apart
and everted
Narrower; ischial tuberosities longer, sharper,
and point more medially
Posteroinferior view
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