Te sponsoring editor for the last edition, Serina Beaupar-
lant, has a jazzy new title, “Editor-in-Chief.” Even with a slew
of new duties, she is resolute about producing the best edu-
cational product possible—both in textbook and media. Her
replacement for this edition, who took over a large number
of Serina’s duties, is Gretchen Puttkamer, a real go-getter. We
haven’t seen too much of Gretchen because she spends most of
her time in the field talking to professors, students, and anyone
else that will listen to her. Also contributing were several oth-
ers that we rarely get to talk to, including: editorial assistants
Lisa Damerel and John Maas, managing editor Debbie Cogan,
Stacey Weinberger, who has been our expert manufacturing
buyer for years, and our crackerjack marketing manager, Derek
Perrigo, who goes the extra mile to make sure professors are
enlightened about special features of the text. Kudos also to our
media staff—Lauren Fogel, director of media development, Ai-
mee Pavy, media producer, and the entire media team for PAL
3.0 and PhysioEx 9.0.
Benjamin Cummings spares no effort in its drive to pub-
lish an accurate and instructive book. Over 400 reviews were
commissioned, enlisting comments and suggestions from both
generalist academicians and specialists in various niches of
anatomy and physiology. Tese reviewers’ contributions have
been of inestimable value in the continuing development of this
text. We also want to thank the many students and colleagues
who were generous with their time and comments. Tey did
not always tell us what we wanted to hear, but assured of the
sincerity of their criticism, we always listened. Input from the
following reviewers resulted in the continued excellence and
accuracy of this text.
Kim Aaronson,
Columbia College Chicago
Beth Altschafl,
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Lynne Anderson,
Meridian Community College
Marcia Anglin,
Miami Dade College
Peggy Arnos,
University of Toledo
Terry Austin,
Temple College
David Babb,
West Hills Community College
Stephanie Baiyasi,
Delta College
Jamal Bittar,
University of Toledo
William Brewer,
Rochester Institute of Technology
David Brown,
Brady School of Medicine,
East Carolina University
Bruce Butler,
Canadian University College
Linda Canobbio,
Ocean County College
Bob Carter,
Volunteer State Community College
Jana Causey,
Pearl River Community College
David Champlin,
University of Southern Maine
Roger Choate,
Oklahoma City Community College
Linda Costanzo,
Virginia Commonwealth University
John Cummings,
Clemson University
Tina Davis,
Florida State College at Jacksonville, North Campus
Jason Dechant,
University of Pittsburgh
Mary Dettman,
Seminole State College of Florida
John Druin,
Lock Haven University
Jeff Eichold,
Oakland Community College
Michael Ferrari,
University of Missouri, Kansas City
Dani Frederick-Duus,
Midlands Technical College
Sarah Gaffen,
University of Pittsburgh
Lynn Gargan,
Tarrant County College–Northeast
Ron Gerrits,
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Mike Gilbert,
Fresno City College
Lauren Gollahon,
Texas Tech University
Cara Hampton-Sandholt,
Cosumnes River College
William Hanna,
Massasoit Community College
Pamela Harrison,
Mesa Community College
Chris Harvey,
Brevard Community College–Palm Bay
Nora Hebert,
Red Rocks Community College
Gary Heiserman,
Salem State College
Deb Heitzman,
Mesa Community College
DJ Hennager,
Kirkwood Community College
Mark Hollier,
Georgia Perimeter College
Rodney Holmes,
Waubonsee Community College
Mark Hubley,
Prince George’s Community College
William Karkow,
University of Dubuque
Greg Kelly,
University of Western Ontario
Michael Kielb,
Eastern Michigan University
John Lepri,
University of North Carolina–Greensboro
M. Locke,
University of Western Ontario
Jodi Long,
Santa Fe College
Jerri Lindsey,
Tarrant County College–Northeast Campus
Abigail Mabe,
Walters State College
Susan Macleod,
Fulton-Montgomery Community College
Jane Marone,
University of Illinois at Chicago
Laura Mastrangeo,
Hudson Valley Community College
Alice McAfee,
University of Toledo
Rebecca McCane,
Bluegrass Community & Technical College
Marc McKee,
McGill University
Marvin Merrit,
Keiser University
Susan Mitchell,
SUNY Onondaga Community College
Justin Moore,
American River College
Syeda Muniam,
SUNY–Schenectady County Community
Mary Jane Niles,
University of San Francisco
Lourdes Norman,
Florida State College–Jacksonville
Justicia Opoku-Edusei,
University of Maryland
David Osborne,
Paul L. Foster School of Medicine,
Texas Tech University
Deborah Palatinus,
Roane State Community College
Izak Paul,
Mount Royal University
Fred Pavalko,
Indiana University School of Medicine
Karen Payne,
Chattanooga State Technical College
Rafaella Pernice,
Hudson County Community College
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