New photomicrographs of leukocytes (Figure 17.10).
Updated Figure 17.11 (leukocyte formation).
•± Updated±statistics±on±sickle±cell±anemia±and±malaria.
•± Improved±teaching±efectiveness±oF±²igure±17.14±(pathways±
of coagulation).
Chapter 18 The Cardiovascular System: The Heart
New Clinical Case Study.
New Focus Figure 18.9: Blood Flow Trough the Heart.
Updated information on ischemic cell death in myocardial
New photos of the heart (Figures 18.4 and 18.6).
Expanded overview of systemic and pulmonary circuits (in
response to focus group feedback).
Reorganized presentation of heart anatomy.
Updated the effects of hyperkalemia and hypercalcemia on
the heart.
Chapter 19 The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels
Update on obesity-linked hypertension.
New Focus Figure 19.17: Bulk Flow Across Capillary Walls.
New photomicrograph of artery and vein (Figure 19.1).
Added information on C-reactive protein as a marker of sys-
temic inflammation and a predictor of future heart attacks
and strokes.
Reorganized Figure 19.15 for better teaching effectiveness.
Reorganized section on venous return.
Reorganized discussion of baroreceptor reflex.
Consolidated discussion of renal regulation of blood pres-
sure by adding material previously in Chapter 25. Moved
details of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone mechanism from
Figure 25.10 to Figure 19.10.
Reorganized presentation on homeostatic imbalances of
blood pressure.
Chapter 20 The Lymphatic System and Lymphoid Organs and
New information on the spleen as a monocyte reservoir.
New photomicrographs of thymus (Figure 20.7) and tonsil
(Figure 20.8).
Improved discussion of lymphoid cells and lymphoid tis-
Reorganized section on mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue
Updated statistics for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
Chapter 21 The Immune System: Innate and Adaptive Body
Major revision of chapter to streamline presentation.
New Clinical Case Study.
Added coverage of lectin pathway (Figure 21.6).
New SEM of macrophage engaged in phagocytosis (Fig-
ure 21.2).
±wo new summary tables (±ables 21.3 and 21.5).
Chapter 22 The Respiratory System
Update on early detection of lung cancer.
Updated discussion of cystic fibrosis.
New Focus Figure 22.20: Oxygen-Hemoglobin Dissociation
New photomicrograph of lung tissue (Figure 22.8).
New SEM of pulmonary capillary casts (Figure 22.9).
Chapter 23 The Digestive System
New photomicrograph of esophagus-stomach junction (Fig-
ure 23.12).
New photograph of gastric ulcer (Figure 23.16).
New photomicrograph of pancreas (Figure 23.26).
New art on the absorption of monosaccharides (Fig-
ure 23.35).
Chapter 24 Nutrition, Metabolism, and Body Temperature
Coverage of the USDA’s new MyPlate logo (Figure 24.1) and
dietary recommendations.
New Focus Figure 24.8: Oxidative Phosphorylation.
New Clinical Case Study.
Updated information on obesity (
A Closer Look
Chapter 25 The Urinary System
Major revision of chapter to streamline presentation.
New Focus Figure 25.16: Medullary Osmotic Gradient.
New information on symptoms and manifestations of renal
New Clinical Case Study.
New SEM of nephron blood vessel casts (Figure 25.7).
New illustration of net filtration forces (Figure 25.11).
New illustration on tubular reabsorption and secretion (Fig-
ure 25.15).
New photo of kidney (Figure 25.3).
Chapter 26 Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance
Updated discussion of regulation of sodium and water bal-
ance, and dehydration.
•± New±text±and±summary±table±(Table±26.2)±contrasting±extra
cellular fluid sodium concentration and body sodium con-
Chapter 27 The Reproductive System
New photo of testis (Figure 27.3).
New illustration of male perineum (Figure 27.4).
New SEM of seminiferous tubules (Figure 27.8).
New graph of plasma testosterone versus age (Figure 27.11).
New photomicrograph of ovary (Figure 27.13).
Update on circumcision and statistics on reduction in risk of
HIV and other infections.
Chapter 28 Pregnancy and Human Development
New Focus Figure 28.2: Sperm Penetration and the Cortical
Updated contraception methods (
A Closer Look
New Clinical Case Study.
•± Updated±inFormation±on±role±oF±hCG.
•± Updated±inFormation±on±assisted±reproductive±technologies.
Simplified Figure 28.10 to improve teaching effectiveness.
New photo of nursing mother (Figure 28.19).
Chapter 29 Heredity
New Clinical Case Study.
New photos of karyotyping (Figure 29.1).
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