A&P Flix
Coaching Activities offer
stunning 3-D visuals of core concepts
and tough physiological concepts with in-depth
assessments to test student understanding.
Seven new topics have been added to the
Ninth Edition.
Art-Based Questions
are conceptual
questions related to art and instruct
students with wrong-answer feedback.
Art Labeling
Ranking/Sorting Questions
are drag and drop activities that allow students
to assess their knowledge of terms and
structures as well as the order of steps and
elements involved in physiological processes.
and assessments
and assessments
Clinical Application questions
(under Test
Bank) give students the opportunity to apply
their knowledge to clinical scenarios.
Reading Questions
keep students on track and
are pre-built for easy set-up and delivery.
Test Bank questions
have been heavily revised
with up to 600 new questions to help better
assess your students.
Other Text Features Now
Assignable in MasteringA&P:
Case Study
Coaching Activities
Case Study Coaching Activities
increase problem-solving skills and
prepare students for future careers
in allied health. Corresponding
Teaching Notes give instructors
valuable tips on when and how to
use case studies in the classroom.
Video Tutor
Coaching Activities
Video Tutors instruct and coach
students on key A&P concepts
using art from the book and are
accompanied by questions with
video hints and feedback speciFc
to their misconceptions.
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