Figure Tutorials
Focus Figure Tutorials guide
students through key parts of
each Focus Figure, assessing
their understanding of the
major concepts through a
variety of assessment tools—
multiple choice questions with
hints and specific wrong-
answer feedback, interactive
ranking and sorting exercises,
and labeling activities.
Interactive Physiology
Coaching Activities
20 new
Interactive Physiology
Coaching Activities have been
added to the Item Library.
Imbalance Clinical
Homeostatic Imbalance Clinical
Questions are higher-order
thinking questions that assess
students on their comprehension
of the Homeostatic Imbalance
content in each chapter, making
one of the text’s hallmark
features now assignable.
To the Instructor: Everything
from the Book is now Integrated
with MasteringA&P
All text features of
Human Anatomy & Physiology
are now
assignable in MasteringA&P, providing students with
unlimited opportunities to study.
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