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MasteringA&P includes a Study Area that has many tools to help
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A&P Flix
are 3-D movie-quality animations
with self-paced tutorials and gradable quizzes
that help you master the toughest topics in A&P:
Cell Physiology
Membrane Transport
DNA Replication
Protein Synthesis
Muscle Physiology
Events at the Neuromuscular Junction
Excitation-Contraction Coupling
Cross-Bridge Cycle
Resting Membrane Potential
Generation of an Action Potential
Propagation of an Action Potential
Origins, Insertions, Actions, Innervations
63 animations on this topic
Group Muscle Actions & Joints
54 animations on this topic
Interactive Physiology
10-System Suite
IP helps you understand the hardest part of
A&P: physiology. Fun, interactive tutorials,
games, and quizzes give you additional expla-
nations to help you grasp diFcult concepts.
Muscular System
Nervous System I
Nervous System II
Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System
Urinary System
Fluids & Electrolytes
Endocrine System
Digestive System
Immune System
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