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What Is The Fat Loss Factor Program?

Fat Loss Factor (FLF) is a 12-week health program that helps you lose weight fast. It features a healthy diet, a set of effective exercises, and some personal goal setting. Most importantly, it focuses on stress management, a factor often overlooked when managing weight loss.

The exercise program included in FLF focuses on workouts that will lead to the best results. The recommended moves and exercise routines outlined aim to increase muscle mass, which will positively affect your fat loss efforts.

The FLF exercises include high intensity cardio workouts and strength training, which enhances your metabolic rate and fat burning capability. It is a 15 minute video workout that needs to be done at least 3 times a week.

Dr. Charles, the author, teaches you how to do these exercises correctly in order to reach your goals in the shortest possible time.

What Is Included In The Fat Loss Factor Program Package?

The Fat Loss Factor program consists of several components:

Fat Loss Factor eBook: The eBook includes 141 pages full of important information on how to lose weight, get fit, and maintain your weight loss efforts through healthy eating. It is the main component of the FLF package and outlines how you can achieve your fat loss goals in 12 weeks.

FLF Main Guide: This Quick Start Guide provides an overview of the entire weight loss process in a compact 52-page format.

90 Days of Fat Burning Meals: The FLF program also includes a 90-Day meal plan with quick and healthy recipes to last you 90 days. The recipes are divided into 3 eBooks: Month 1, Month 2, and Month 3.

Master Cleanse Videos: To further boost your weight loss efforts, a video demonstrating how to perform a liver and body cleanse is also included. A body cleanse can help you lose up to 2 inches within a week.

FooJoo Software: The FooJoo Fast Food software allows you to select healthy foods from over 5,000 fast food restaurants.

Fat Burning Exercises: The program also includes a range of workout levels from beginners to advanced.

Short 15 Minute Workouts: You will also receive of 15 minute sample workouts to help boost your metabolic rate in a short time.

Goal Setting Guide: Go through the questionnaire provided to help you figure out your specific goals.

Grocery List: Some foods can help accelerate your body’s own fat burning potential. The Grocery List is a directory of fat burning foods you can find in your local grocery store.

Fat Loss Factor Measurements: This form lets you keep track of your weight loss progress.

The Fat Loss Factor program was essentially developed with practicality in mind. It is extremely easy to follow and will suit everyone’s day to day schedule. But as with all products, there are pros and cons to consider.
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1. The FLF program comes with an iron-clad 60 - day money back guarantee. It just goes to show how confident Dr. Charles is with this product.

2. The FLF program includes a 1 year personal email coaching direct from Dr. Michael Allen.

3. The FLF program shows you exact techniques to burn fat effectively for fast results.

4. The FLF program teaches you healthy and nutritional eating to help you maintain your weight loss.

5. The FLF program is extremely motivational which is important for success.

6. The FLF program guarantees immediate results when followed correctly.

7. The FLF program promotes muscle building for weight reduction.

8. The FLF exercises are flexible enough to perform either at home or at the gym.

9. The entire FLF program will improve your quality of sleep.


  • Organic food is recommended which is more expensive than regular food.
  • You may need to work hard in the first 2 weeks until a habitual routine is formed.
  • Exercises must be incorporated into your daily routine for maximum benefits.


Given that the Fat Loss Factor program is backed up by a 60-day money back guarantee, you have virtually nothing to lose but inches of fat. The program itself is incredibly effective and supported by scientific research.

The FLF is a complete and comprehensive guide that achieves you maximum fat loss in minimal time. It covers everything from meal plans, quick workouts, cleansing diets to manuals in the form of videos, eBooks, and quick guides.

Seriously, if you can’t lose it with FLF then you won’t lose it with anything else. Fat Loss Factor gives you all the proven methods. All you need to do is follow them.

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